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We hope you enjoy looking at some great examples of children's work.

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Our New Library

Our New Library (221KB)

Our New Library

Our New Library (192KB)

Our New Library

Our New Library (176KB)

Our New Library

Our New Library (166KB)

Our New Library

Our New Library (193KB)

Learners can play chess outdoors.

Learners can play chess outdoors. (204KB)

Our New Library

Our New Library (174KB)

Doing projects ang reading for pleasure

Doing projects ang reading for pleasure (203KB)

Our New Library

Our New Library (173KB)

Reading material for young and older

Reading material for young and older (215KB)

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Bridgeville Primary School Dance 2013 (100MB)

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2015 - November - Prom Fundraiser

Grade 7's working hard for their end-of-year Prom

2015 - November - Field Trip Fair

On Thursday, 12 November 2015, 4 teachers went to the V&A Waterfrontto attendthe First Annual Field Trip Fair.We are looking for...

2015 - November - Donation of Cushion to Library

On the 10th of November Bridgeville Primary School received a beautiful cushion donated by the Christine Revell Children's Home. We wish to thank ...

2015 - November - Annual Budget Meeting 2015

On the 10th of November 2015, Bridgeville Primary held its Annual Budget Meeting. Despite the poor parent turnout, it was a highly successful meeting....

2015 - November - Trolley Dash Fundraiser

On the 5th of November the trolley dash draw took place. Names were drawn in the prescence of Pick + Pay representatives. Congratulations to those who...

2015 - September - Prefect Team-Building Outing

During the September holidays, the Prefect Team enjoyed a lovely day together. The day was intended to be a team-building event. The day kicked off wi...

2015 - September - Grade 7 Entrepreneurship Day

The Annual Grade 7 Entrepreneurship Day took place in September. This was a project that all learners had to participate in as it forms part of the cu...

Our New School Library

Bridgeville has a brand new school library. Learners will be able to do their projects and enjoy reading and listening to stories at school during tea...

2015 World Book Day

Every year we celebrate world book day by dressing up as a book character. This year we went a step further and each class had to decorate their class...

2014 World Book Day

As expected, learners and educators dress up on this day as a character they love. This is normally accompanied by learners reading poems, telling sto...

2013 - April - World Book Day

Once again Bridgeville learners and teachers enjoyed the activities of World Book Day.

2013 - March - End of term

Wishing Ms Soyeye well on her maternity leave.

2013 - February - Teachers learning the school dance

The teachers had some fun learning the new school dance. Leading the way is our dance teacher, Mr Du Toit.

2013 - February - At this week's Assembly

This week our Principal, Mr A Arendse, honoured learners who performed well at sport. In addition to this, Mr Arendse also called up learners who disp...

2013 - February - Athletes through to the Western Province Championships

These athletes are participating at the Western Province Championship tomorrow, 23rd February 2013. We wish them everything of the best!

2013 - February - Valentine's Day

The one day of the year that everybody looks forward to...

2013 - January- Bridgeville goes Green! (Tree planting)

As an institution we feel it is our duty to educate our learners about saving our precious planet. Our learners are the future leaders and it is impor...

2013 - January - Our First Assembly for the Year

Mr Arendse setting the tone for the year!

2012 - December - Thank you and Goodbye!

At a special lunch in December 2012, thestaff gathered to say farewell to the following people - Ms Hopley (grade 2 educator) who retired; Ms Ny...


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